holy shit i’m just lettin’ ‘em loose today

anyways i started drawing this for /co/ until i realized wait fuck she’s only supposed to have one arm and the picture looks awkward otherwise so i said fuck it

i like WV and PM a lot as characters. i wish homestuck would have focused more on the wanderers through the story, but their recent attention is nice too.

i drew a thing and also i’m alive?

anatomy’s a bitch. working on it, though - it gives me an excuse to draw tons of boobs and butt.

man son das’ nasty

it’s funny how i have a general distaste for OC’s but as soon as it comes to a roleplaying game i’m all up for making my little mary sue

therefore i have come to the conclusion that OC’s are only okay if you roll dice to see if they hit things


these dudes are from my school. they graduated, but they were neat.

i hope they win.

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I wanted to give it a try.

Weird enough, they kind of fit.

there goes my insides.

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Request from someone on DA of Mordecai getting advice from Fritz the Cat

Nooooo don’t take his advice Mordo! He’s gonna take Margaret from you or give you bad advice

This is so cool sugz!

Fritz is a magnificent bastard

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bitch i don’t give a fuck

fact: ponies are better when they are spiders



fuck you I’ll eat it all

Fuck that Pizza Hut is God Tier

subway is omnipotent god tier

dominos is awesome down here

mcdonalds is god tier for breakfast

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